Your history, your projets, our initiative

Histoiregeo.eu offers solutions for your cultural and historical projects.

Histoiregeo.eu advises companies, institutions, associations and local authorities, in order to give a historical dimension to their projects.

We are involved in a wide variety of initiatives related to major and minor historical events.

Histoiregeo.eu supports decision-makers in their local development projects, and thus offers historical consulting services to help companies and organizations tell their story.

Within tourism, trade and also industries, real estate or regional planning, a historical perspective helps to create a link with a region and its inhabitants. Our mission is to highlight the historical roots of an organization and uncover historical facts and figures, to strengthen the relationships between our customers, the regions in which they operate and the stakeholders with whom they interact.

We conduct historical research, communicate in accordance with the story of our clients and create a link with society.

Histoiregeo.eu is an initiative launched by Cooperans, a consulting firm specializing in development and connectivity policies. Through histoiregeo.eu, Cooperans aims to offer services linking culture and development to institutions, companies, associations and local authorities.

Our team

Histoiregeo.eu is a project initiated by two brothers, Bertrand and Sebastien Goulard, both passionate about history. Together, they decided to pool their expertise to help develop cultural projects.

Bertrand and Sebastien grew up in a family which took them on regular trips, both near and far, fuelling their passion for history. Later, the two brothers embarked upon two different career paths, one moving towards artistic studies and the other, consulting. They are now united under the umbrella of histoiregeo.eu to tell your story.

Bertrand GOULARD

After graduating in art history, Bertrand worked as a guide on various historical and memorial sites in the different regions of France.

Sebastien GOULARD

Sebastien obtained a doctorate in regional development studies at EHESS and participated in several European projects before creating his own consultancy.