Your history, your projects, our services

Histoiregeo.eu supports companies, NGOs, institutions and local authorities in their projects, which have a historical dimension. We are involved in all stages of your project, from the research of information to its promotion.

We build your story with you according to your objectives, and we help you deliver it to your target audience. We also intervene in the event of a crisis and offer mediation services, in order to present your history, as well as that of your organization, in accordance with current societal criteria.

Research and storytelling

Histoiregeo.eu conducts the research to build a narrative for your organization or region by selecting from archives, libraries, documents to tell a a story based on historical sources.

Histoiregeo.eu calls on professional and academic historians for the most specific questions.

Thanks to this research, we build with parties a story that highlights the historical role of your organization in a territory.

Communication and promotion

In partnership with all the stakeholders of a particular region, histoiregeo.eu sets up a communication strategy, aimed at promoting the role of an organization or a personality in the history of a region.

We work with our clients to promote their history and affirm their role in the development of their region.

Crisis management and mediation

The perception of history evolves; what was acceptable in the past may no longer be acceptable today. Heroes fall from their pedestals. Traditions are denounced.

New studies may uncover the darker aspects of historical figures, who, until now, have been respected.

Histoiregeo.eu assists stakeholders in their response to these societal changes, either by defending these historical figures or proposing a new reading, adapted to current events. We offer a contextualization of certain historical facts, and if necessary, we offer mediation services to allow all the actors to calmly discuss controversial subjects and thus understand one another’s respective positions.