Your history, your projcts, your objctives

Histoiregeo.eu gives your current and future projects a historical dimension. By understanding your history, that of your organization or your region, you can help preserve the foundations of sustainable and inclusive development.

Histoiregeo.eu aims to connect actors to their roots, by discovering, sharing and promoting their history.

By drawing on inspiration from figures of the past and significant events, today’s actors can create a powerful image, allowing them to root themselves in a particular region and project themselves into the future.

Territorial development

Every place has a story. Each region has a unique destiny and deserves special attention that takes into account its origins.

We work with all decision-makers interested in the development of a region. Together, we analyse the way in which the history of a particular place can influence its future development. We use its history to propose and complete ambitious and realistic local development policies.

We invite you to take advantage of your territorial roots.

Heritage consulting

Your story – the story of your organization – deserves to be highlighted.

You can differentiate yourself by communicating about your past. We look at your history and help build the story that matches your ambitions, by reclaiming the historical facts that characterize your organization and the region in which it operates.

We help you analyse the impact of your organization on the local economic structure.

Societal adaptation

We work with companies, NGOs and regions, which are challenged by the questioning of historical figures or brands by segments of society through “Cancel Culture” or “Wokism”. We help them respond in a reasonable manner to possible controversies, but also constructively take into account the critical elements in their speech and thus respond to new concerns.

We support decision-makers who would like, in a preventive way, to anticipate and resolve potential debates concerning historical facts or figures.

Repairs and refunds

Histoiregeo.eu supports parties involved in questions regarding the restitution of looted works of art from colonial times or other contexts.

The restitution processes of artefacts, looted during the colonial period, have multiplied in recent years. They concern major European museums, but also private collectors.

Histoiregeo.eu works on behalf of claimants and current owners, in order to find solutions that satisfy all parties and facilitate both heritage preservation and an explanation of the events that created this situation.

Histoiregeo.eu, through the Cooperans firm, launched the Yuanmingyuan.eu initiative, which aims to study the burning and looting of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing in 1860.

Colonial history

Our team supports various parties on questions of colonial history and intervenes in projects aimed at highlighting the past of colonized territories from the perspective of appeasement.

We work to build new, frank and lasting relations between Europe and the rest of the world, based on an in-depth examination of the colonial period, far from any controversy.